David Perez

Hi! I would love to coach your team! I perform on Lloyd night with my team Dog People and have done 4 ASP's etc. I am a former theater director who loves building ensembles and looking at scene work through a committed and emotionally honest framework. Hit me up!
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Amir Khan

What up freaks? I'm on the UCB Harold team "Promises" where we like to have fun. I've studied under a bunch of people! And guess what? Here's a list of them: Jessica Morgan, Steven Polletta, John Timothy, Chelsea Clarke, Achilles Stamatelaky, Joey Price, Patrick Noth, Doug Moe, Corey Brown, Z...
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Anthony James Hargraves

Anthony is a performer, host, and producer from The Bronx, NY. His credits include We Will Slay (UCB), The Revenge (UCB Academy), The Code Switch (Caveat), and Underground Society (Armory House Team). He's the host of FlameCon and producer of shows like Don't Be Cool, Be Yourself (The Tank). He's...
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Elisa Ballou

Hi!! I'm Elisa and I would love to coach you! I've been studying improv at UCB since 2016. You can currently see me every Monday hosting and performing at Kaleidoscope, a long running improv mash-up show, and working at the UCB Training Center. I've also performed in a few ASPs including Concrete...
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Andrew Ontiveros

Hello! I'm Andrew! ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ„ I don't surf, but I do improvise! Let's work on following the fun, playing Game, listening skills, honest reactions, and supporting your teammates! Let's make sure you're still having fun while trying to make sense of a scene! Love doing classic Pattern Game Harolds, o...
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Ian Herrin

Hey gang! Let's work together! I am currently on the Lloyd team Hotcake and serve as the Academic Director for The Greenhouse, an improv guild in association with The Armory offering six week courses and specialty electives. Signup now! I also d...
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Jake Keefe

I just finished performing with the hit comedy Puffs for the last three years and wanna dive back into improv! Let me coach your group!!! I've been doing improv for 16 years and sketch for 10 years. I've studied and performed at The Second City, UCB, and I teach at The Pit, I'm also currently ...
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Tim Mahoney

Hi! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Let's work on whatever you want! I like to focus on playing from your gut and trusting yourself and your teammates to love whatever happensโ€”that's always the most entertaining and surprising way to play 'game.' By supporting your scene partners to death, they'll hopefully be no room...
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Stefan Schuette

I've been on Harold night with Party City and Some Kid, I was on Lloyd night with Ronin, and I toured the country with UCB TourCo, you can currently see me sitting in with various weekend teams and other bit shows. Other UCB credits include "The Convergence", "The Improvised Play", "This One Time...
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Roderick O'Toole

Well hot potato, if you're reading this, chances are you're in need of a coach and I'm here to tell you I'm your friggin' guy! I'm approachin' my coachin' with a sense of collaboration; I want to work together with you and your practice group or team to make some good improv. I believe in ident...
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