David Perez

Hi! I would love to coach your team! I perform on Lloyd night with my team Dog People and have done 4 ASP's etc. I am a former theater director who loves building ensembles and looking at scene work through a committed and emotionally honest framework. Hit me up!
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Roderick O'Toole

Hi, I’m Rod and I’d love to coach you! I perform on UCB's Lloyd night with a team of real sweeties called Buckets! and I've been in ASPs such as The Reunion and Someone Saw Something. Since 2015 I’ve studied at Second City in Chicago and at UCB here in New York where I’ve been taught/coached by...
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Anthony James Hargraves

Anthony is a performer, host, and producer from The Bronx, NY. His credits include We Will Slay (UCB), The Revenge (UCB), The Code Switch (Caveat), and Underground Society (Armory House Team). He's the host of FlameCon and producer of shows like Don't Be Cool, Be Yourself (The Tank). He's been st...
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Benjamin Cohen

Hey everyone, I really love improv and I'd love to work with your group! I love working on lots of things but especially: Physicality, Connectivity, Listening, Storytelling, and Getting the fucking fuck out of your head. I'm also a Screenwriting & Improv teacher at the NYFA and ESRA schools....
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Abe Woycke

Hey! I'm Abe, and I would love to coach your team. I want to help you and your team get better, whether it's working on a specific skill (ie group games, supportive walkons, framing, etc.), a specific form (Harold, monoscene, etc.) or honing, improving and/or creating your team's own self-crea...
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Willy Appelman

Willy Appelman is an actor, writer and improvisor based in Brooklyn. He performed on Maude Night at UCBT with FANTASY and The Classic, and at Magnet Theater with The Armando Diaz Experience. Willy has appeared in videos for Budweiser, Comedy Central, Sesame Street, TruTV and Google. His writin...
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Jake Keefe

I just finished performing with the hit comedy Puffs for the last three years and wanna dive back into improv! Let me coach your group!!! I've been doing improv for 16 years and sketch for 10 years. I've studied and performed at The Second City, UCB, and I teach at The Pit, I'm also currently ...
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Jake Cornell

Hi! I'm Jake, I’m a house team performer at UCB and I’d love to coach your team or practice group! I perform at UCB Hell’s Kitchen with my Harold team, Promises. My indie team, Funky Hard Beats, has made it to the Cage Match tournament of champions for the past two years and performs both at...
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Timothy Agius

Hey, there! I’m an improviser active in NY’s UCB and Magnet theaters, most notably the UCB Theatre Academy/Advanced Performance shows Director’s Cut: The Improvised Movie, The Dearly Departed, The Apocalypse, Final Frontiers: Improvised Star Trek, Hell’s Kitchen: A Nightmare Show and The Excellen...
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Andrew Ontiveros

Hello! I'm Andrew! 🏄🏄🏄 I don't surf, but I do improvise! Let's work on following the fun, playing Game, listening skills, honest reactions, and supporting your teammates! Let's make sure you're still having fun while trying to make sense of a scene! Love doing classic Pattern Game Harolds, o...
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