Matt Frazier

My name is Matthew Frazier (Call me, Matty). I started at UCB in 2008 and been lucky enough to have been coached and study with some AMAZING people. I really want to pay it forward as much as I can just as they did with me. I was also blessed enough to go the American Musical and Dramatic Academy...
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Rachel Rosenthal

Rachel Rosenthal is an improviser with over 17 years of experience and she teachers and performs full time. She has taught at The PIT (2014 Instructor of the Year), Reckless Theatre, Brooklyn Comedy Collective, Miami Ad School and with North Coast Classes. In addition to performing weekly in NYC...
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Mark Dowling

I love running two-person scenes and breaking them down into zeros and ones. By deconstructing scenes and figuring out why something is funny, I think we can hone our comedic instincts and become more consistent improvisers.
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Jake Cornell

Hi! I'm Jake, I’m a house team performer at UCB and I’d love to coach your team or practice group! I perform at UCB Hell’s Kitchen with my Harold team, Promises. My indie team, Funky Hard Beats, has made it to the Cage Match tournament of champions for the past two years and performs both at...
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Timothy Agius

Hey, there! I’m an improviser at NY’s UCB and Magnet theaters, most notably the UCB Academy/Advanced Performance shows Director’s Cut: The Improvised Movie, The Dearly Departed, The Apocalypse, Final Frontiers: Improvised Star Trek, Hell’s Kitchen: A Nightmare Show and The Excellent Cadaver. I'm ...
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Matthew Woods

Hello! I'm the Artistic Director/coach of Improvised Buffy. I specialize in TV improv, but I coach and produce several different shows at The PIT, Under St. Marks, and The Kraine Theater. I once starred in a super hero mini-series called "The Adventures of Hot Head" by Timid Jester Production...
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Christopher Scott

Current mantras: Do your first thought. Trust in the first few lines. Have empathy for your own character. Chris has been coaching with extreme passion since 2009 (performing since 2006). You can subscribe to his weekly thoughts on improv newsletter at Chri...
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Shawtane Monroe Bowen

Hi! My name is Shawtane Bowen and I would love to coach your improv team. I have 5 years experience as a performer on UCB's Harold Night and Lloyd. I was also on 3 improv house teams at The PIT. I am a founding member of Astronomy Club, the first all-black house team at UCB. Our new series...
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Ernest Myers

All my suggestions will probably be related to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. UCB Advanced Study Performances: Linked (The LaRonde), Picture Show (The Movie), The Season Finale, Genre II, Space is the Place Currently can be seen at UCB in Detective Sully (Best of UCB, New York Comedy F...
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Donald Chang

"Support & Specificity" is my simple improv philosophy. I want to help you play your smartest, funnest and togetherest. $30/hr If y'all need to cancel, please give me 24 hrs warning ahead of time. Cancellations made within 24 hrs will still be charged. Here's my stupid boring bio ...
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