Alex Cheng

Hi! I'm Alex, I'm on a house team at UCB, and I'd love to coach you and the squad. If you've seen a young Asian guy on stage in a good improv show, that was me. If you've seen a young Asian guy on stage in a bad improv show, that was Steven Yeun. (jk love my guy Steven to the moon and back.) W...
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Dave Siegel

**GOOD LAST MINUTE AVAILABILITY** Experienced, effective veteran coach who is a former UCB Harold team performer and taught all core levels for years at the UCB Training Center. I've been regularly coaching improv in New York City since 2008, and have worked with everyone from 101 practice gr...
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Brandon Zelman

Love discovering sweet team dynamics! Love developing crazy forms! Love finding those sweet, clear games! Teams: Promises (Harold Night, Lloyd Night, Multi-Time UCBW Cage Match Winners) Brief Dragon (Hosts of Indie Cage Match) The Trial ASP Improvised Gilmore Girls Doorman Big Kitten ...
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Jared Jeffries

Currently teaching improv level 2 (which I co-developed) for the Brooklyn Comedy Collective. I've been improvising in one form or another since 2003. My improv education comes from Chicago. There I was a performer/coach/teacher and Harold Commission member at the iO theater. I coached one of t...
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Sean O'Reilly

House team member for 3 years and change at UCB. I'm on the Harold team Highwater now in its second season. I was on the Lloyd teams SLINGSHOT and ZADDY. I've been doing improv for almost 10 years now inside and out of UCB, so I do game but also incorporate emotionality, good acting, and some ana...
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Tim Mahoney

Hi! 👋 Let's work on whatever you want! I like to focus on playing from your gut and trusting yourself and your teammates to love whatever happens. IMO, that's always the most entertaining and surprising way to play game. #support'tilldeath #everythingisagift #hashtag I've been improvis...
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Jake Cornell

Hi! I'm Jake, I’m a house team performer at UCB and I’d love to coach your team or practice group! I perform at UCB Hell’s Kitchen with my Harold team, Promises. My indie team, Funky Hard Beats, has made it to the Cage Match tournament of champions for the past two years and performs both at...
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Brian Gurien

Hey there! I've been writing and performing comedy in New York and Los Angeles since 2011. I've studied improv, sketch, character, and musical improv at UCB and Magnet under the tutelage of a lot of great comedians, including Armando Diaz, Nicole Drespel, Shaun Diston, Peter McNerney, and Louis K...
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Jen Albanese

Oh hi, didn't see you there. I would love to coach your improv team/practice group or direct your Sketch team! I've been studying Sketch & Improv at UCB since 2015. I am in Advanced Study in both programs. I've also dabbled in sketch and improv at The Magnet, Reckless, and CSz Philadelphia. My ...
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Shane Nielsen

Hello! I would love to coach your team/practice group! I'm currently on the UCB Harold team, Game 7. I was previously on the UCB Lloyd team, The Outlaw. Past/present indie teams include: Gym Crush, I Love Juicy, and Muffy. Thanks for reading this and have a great day.
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