Betsy Helmer

Hey, hey, hey! I would love to coach your practice group, or improv team! I currently improvise at UCB on Lloyd night with the team Din Din and am an actor who does a bunch of regional theater and a bit of TV and commercials! I believe acting and improvising are ideally one in the same! Teac...
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James Butler

Hello! My name is James Butler, I currently perform on UCB's Lloyd Night with the team Din-Din. I've taken classes at UCB with Morgan Grace Jarrett, Doug Moe, Achilles Stamatelaky, Johnna Scrabis, and Zack Willis. My indie team 2 Chairz has been coached by Christina Dabney, Chrissie Greubel, ...
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Silvia Menendez

Hi! My name is Silvia and I'd love to coach you! I perform on UCB's Lloyd Night with Bounce House. I've taken classes at UCB with Johnna Scrabis, Lou Gonzalez, Anthony Appruzzese, Molly Thomas, and Caroline Martin. Former indie teams include Just A Phase and Heavy Cream. I love working on emotion...
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Brett Shollenberger

Hey hey! I'd love to work with you on improv, sketch, or web series production! You can currently catch me at UCBT or the PIT in The Awkward Show. I've trained, performed, and coached at UCB, the PIT, Improv Asylum (Boston), and Endgames (San Francisco).
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Elana Fishbein

Elana is a teacher and performer at the Magnet Theater. She can be seen on stage with the Armando Diaz Experience, Magnet Theater TourCo, solo as Pepita (winner of Inspirado and San Diego's Best of the Fest), and in her two-woman play, Sisters Three (New York Times Critic's Pick). She's featured ...
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Curran Connor

Hi all, I'm Curran. I love improv, and I would love to coach your team or practice group. I'm currently performing with the UCBT Harold team Captain (ahoy), and I'm a former member of the Lloyd team The Outlaw. Past/Present Indie teams include Gym Crush, Pony Danza, and I Love Juicy. I've been...
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Anne Hogan

Hey! I'm Anne Hogan and I'd be super excited to work with your team. Let's figure out what makes you tick and get into it! I'm a big proponent of the basics--listening, reacting, and trusting yourself and your team so you can create something really cool together. I love to play around with ph...
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Justin Catchens

Yo! I'm a performer on the improv teams My Momma's Biscuits and Carolyn. I'd love to coach your team.
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Shane Nielsen

Hello! I would love to coach your team/practice group! I'm currently on a UCB theatre Harold team. I was previously on the UCB Lloyd team, The Outlaw. Past/present indie teams include: Gym Crush, I Love Juicy, and Muffy. Thanks for reading this and have a great day.
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Timothy Agius

Hey, there! I’m an improviser active in NY’s UCB and Magnet theaters, most notably the UCB Theatre Academy/Advanced Performance shows Director’s Cut: The Improvised Movie, The Apocalypse, Final Frontiers: Improvised Star Trek, Hell’s Kitchen: A Nightmare Show and The Excellent Cadaver. I think...
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