Blake Opper

Hi, I'm Blake and I'm a big ole improv nerd. Let's be improv nerds together! This art form is as difficult as it is rewarding I'd love to work with your indie team or practice group to tackle some of the hard parts of improv! Here's some things that are meant to sound impress impressive: I'...
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Evan Forde Barden

Hey folks! I like working with teams on agreement, physicality, and using what you've already got. Ultimately, I'm interested in figuring out exactly what a team needs to make them rock stars. I'm one of a handful people in NYC with experience in performing a JTS Brown style of improv, so if that...
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Dave Murray

Hey, I'm Dave Murray! I’m a teacher at UCB and a performer on the Lloyd Team Havoc! I’ve been studying improv since 2011, have been on a couple of house teams, and I want to coach you! I like working on game, team stuff, and genre, and I’m happy to run some Harolds if you wanna do that!
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Matt Aromando

Hello, I'm interested in coaching your improv and sketch teams! In improv, I like to focus on listening, relationships, game, and keeping scenes grounded. I can also help practicing forms such as the Harold, Monoscene, La Ronde, Expansion, Deconstruction, Spokane, Slacker, Montage, Free Form, ...
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Mark Dowling

I’ve been improvising at UCB since 2010 where I have studied with some great teachers such as, Jordan Klepper, Anthony Attamanuik, Shannon O'Neill, Gavin Speiller, Don Fanelli, Kevin Mullaney, Kevin Hines, and Will Hines. I'm also briefly mentioned in Will's book, "Improv Nonsense." I've perfo...
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Leah Evans

Hello! My name is Leah. Chances are if you've been performing in the city, or are a new team looking for stage time, you've been on one of my shows. I've performed at many NYC venues including PIT, Magnet, UCB, UCBeast, The Tank, Creek and Cave, and many more. I served as Artistic Associate at Th...
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Shane Nielsen

Hello! I would love to coach your team/practice group! I'm currently on the UCB Harold team, Game 7. I was previously on the UCB Lloyd team, The Outlaw. Past/present indie teams include: Gym Crush, I Love Juicy, and Muffy. Thanks for reading this and have a great day.
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Rudy Behrens

Hello, I'm Rudy Behrens, and I coach improv. I've been studying at UCB in the Advanced Study program since 2009. I am a member of UCB Harold team Ice Cold Bev, formerly of Foxhole and Lloyd teams Lisa From School and Boombox, as well as indie teams Boy Butter, Grand Falloon, and Single Dads (Mo...
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Lynsey Bonell

Hey! I'd love to work with you and your improv team! I've taught, coached and studied improv in London, Sydney and New York, and performed in festivals across the world with some great teams. Whether you're just starting out or wanting to explore new forms I'll work with you to set goa...
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Chris Griswold

Discover how simple good improv can be. Learn to trust yourself and stop overthinking. Overcome your obstacles and learn to perform effortlessly. Let's figure out where you and your group want to go - I will get you there. [UPDATE: If you're looking for a team, I'm now running Friday Daytime D...
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