Leslie Diana

Hey! I'm Leslie and I'd love to coach your indie team or practice group! I'm currently on my second round of Lloyd (The Outlaw, Hometown Tigers), and have been studying improv at UCB for 4 years. Teachers include: Shannon O'Neill, Ben Rameaka, Patrick Noth, Zack Willis, Gavin Speiller, Carrie ...
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Stefan Schuette

I'm on Harold night with Party City, former teams include Some Kid, Ronin, and I toured the country with UCB TourCo for two years. Other UCB credits include "The Convergence", "The Improvised Play", "This One Time", Fast and Furious 8", and "Space is the Place". If you pay me at time of bookin...
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Richard J. Krysztoforski

Richard is an internationally trained improviser with nearly a decade’s worth of experience. He has studied and performed at Upright Citizens Brigade (NY/LA), Magnet Theater (NY), Reckless Theatre (NY), IMPRO Amsterdam Festival, and ImproFest in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has worked with master inst...
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Tim Mahoney

Hi! I'm gonna say a thing. I think improv is at its most fun and compelling when you can: i. truly get excited about others' ideas ii. surprise yourself & your teammates I think a way to meet these conditions is by doubling-down into what makes you, you. By not attempting to project g...
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Kristen Strong

Hey there! I'd like to coach you! I've studied improv at UCB since 2012 and currently perform with the Lloyd team Hotcake for the UCB Theatre. I am also a co-host for the Tuesday night Improv Jam. I previously performed with the Lloyd teams Zaddy and Havoc and The Overachiever ASP. I love wor...
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Abe Woycke

Hey! I'm Abe, and I love improv and have a passion for improv education. I want to help you and your team get better, whether it's working on a specific skill (ie group games, supportive walkons, framing, etc.), a specific form (Harold, monoscene, etc.) or honing, improving and/or creating you...
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Dani Grace

Hi, I'm Dani (or Danielle if you are related to me!) and I would love to coach your practice group or indie team! I'm a member on the UCBT Harold Team Promises and I host Indie Cage Match with my indie team, Brief Dragon. I also perform with Improvised Gilmore Girls and PoHa (The Post Harold Move...
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Ariel Gitlin

Hi hello hi my name is Ariel! I would love to coach you in characters or direct your sketch show. When coaching characters, I love taking what's special and funny about your character and making sure it's super clear so we can go crazy from there.
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Amanda Poryes

My first job, ever, was "teaching" improv to children in a theatre summer camp. By "teaching" I mean telling kids to play pretend... better? Since then, I've studied longform at the Groundlings and UCBNY. Improv: Brandon Scott Jones, Jordan Klepper, Nate Dern, Nicole Drespel, Michael Del...
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Sam Naismith

Sam is a comedian who moved to New York in 2014 and will die in New York in 2034. You have probably seen him perform with Steakhouse on Lloyd Night at UCB, A Big Dumb Thing at UCB, Hollywood Paws at UCB or with The Boys of Varejao all over this Shit Town. He produces videos and also writes articl...
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