Jacob Davis

Hello, I'm Jacob. I’ll coach you till I’m dead. You can watch me play with DIN DIN Sunday’s at 7:30 at Subculture. I've also been on Fight Clurb, Steakhouse, Nemesis, & Classic Brady. I will coach your team to support the hell out of each other and really trust each other. I also like makin...
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Maritza Montañez

I perform and teach at UCB Theatre and Training Center in New York. I currently improvise with At Last! on Harold Night and Living Room: The First Generation, and co-host The Lady Jam. I previously improvised with Harold team Party City, Lloyd teams seventeen and The Nightmare, bilingual improv t...
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Joe Garrity

Hi there! I'm Joe Garrity, an improviser with 10 years of experience currently in the UCB Academy Program. Before joining UCB in 2014, I trained and performed in longform at BATS Improv in San Francisco, shortform variety at Un-Scripted Theatre Company, musical improv at Pixar University, and ...
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Caitlin Sing

Caitlin Sing, here! I'm on the UCB Lloyd Team Hotcake and co-leader of the UCB Lady Jam! Recent UCB credits: Statham (Lloyd Night), ASPs: poHa, The Reunion, Good Bake, and Hallowed Halls. I focus on grounded, active, emotional sets with an emphasis on intuitive support, world building, genre, ...
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Melissa Ulloa

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Brielle DeMirjian

Hello I am Brielle and I would love to coach your practice group or indie team! I am a performer on the UCB Harold team Varsity. In the past I performed with my Lloyd teams seventeen and Havoc. I am also a member of the indie teams Brief Dragon, The St. Louis Rams, and Current Ex-Boyfriend whe...
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Evan Forde Barden

Hey folks! I like working with teams on agreement, physicality, and using what you've already got. Ultimately, I'm interested in figuring out exactly what a team needs to make them rock stars. I'm one of a handful people in NYC with experience in performing a JTS Brown style of improv, so if that...
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Lynsey Bonell

Hey! I'd love to work with you and your improv team! I've taught, coached and studied improv in London, Sydney and New York, and performed in festivals across the world with some great teams. Whether you're just starting out or wanting to explore new forms I'll work with you to set goa...
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Alex French

Hey! I'm looking to coach more! I was previously on Lloyd Night and Harold Night, and now I perform every Friday night at UCB with my team, Higgins. I also teach at UCB. Lately, as a coach, I've been big into framing, developing a character philosophy, and simplifying game play, but I'm happy to ...
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Kristen Strong

Hey there! I'd like to coach you! I've studied improv at UCB since 2012 and currently perform with the Lloyd team Hotcake for the UCB Theatre. I am also a co-host for the Tuesday night Improv Jam. I previously performed with the Lloyd teams Zaddy and Havoc and The Overachiever ASP. I love wor...
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