TJ Del Reno

I have been doing stand up comedy (Comedy Central) and improv since 2004. I was on two UCB house teams, KINSeY and City Mouse, in 2013. You can see me at Reckless Theatre where my team, Too Big of a Dog, performs every Thursday night at The Big Fiasco. I am a cast member of Chica-GO-GO at The PIT...
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David Steele

I’m a New York based actor, writer, improviser and performer. I’ve completed the core curriculum at UCB along with various Advanced courses under Langan Kinglsey, Caroline Martin Ben Rameaka, Anthony Appruzzese, James Dwyer, and Achilles Stamatelaky. I've also been a part of the spokane class...
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Chris Zalis

Hi my name is Chris, and I would love to coach you. I am on the Lloyd team Bounce House, and have been in several ASPs (Overachiever, TGIF, Hallowed Halls, Excellent Cadaver, etc.). I think improv should above all else be really funny. I love to emphasize game, framing, and justifying so scenes ...
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Ernest Myers

All my suggestions will probably be related to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. UCB Advanced Study Performances: Linked (The LaRonde), Picture Show (The Movie), The Season Finale, Genre II, Space is the Place Currently can be seen at UCB in Detective Sully (Best of UCB, New York Comedy F...
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Elena Skopetos

I'm so tired!
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Morgan Phillips

I've coached hundreds of teams over the last decade plus, including house teams from the UCB, Magnet and PIT. Also a teacher at UCB. I love working on existing structures (Harold, Monoscene, Spokane, etc.), and/or helping groups develop their own original forms. I've been studying and perfo...
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Jason Sweeten

~SKETCH ONLY~ Jason is a writer on Maude Night. He’s currently on the team Glamour College; he previously wrote for What Would Do and Choir. Jason’s other UCB credits include: The Queerball Sketch Show (writer), Jay Malsky Slept With My Boyfriend (director), and The Swamp: This Month In Politi...
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Sam Naismith

Sam is a comedian who moved to New York in 2014 and will die in New York in 2034. You have probably seen him perform with Steakhouse on Lloyd Night at UCB, A Big Dumb Thing at UCB, Hollywood Paws at UCB or with The Boys of Varejao all over this Shit Town. He produces videos and also writes articl...
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Clif Henning

First off, reps are more important than me talking, but if you want to know way too much about me, here you go: Hi folks, I'm Clif Henning and I want to coach your team. I like doing motivated improv, and I'd like to help you to do motivated improv as well. I started taking UCB classes in M...
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Brian Gurien

Hey there! I've been writing and performing comedy in New York and Los Angeles since 2011. I've studied improv, sketch, character, and musical improv at UCB and Magnet under the tutelage of a lot of great comedians, including Armando Diaz, Nicole Drespel, Shaun Diston, Peter McNerney, and Louis K...
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