Ted White

Hi. My name's Ted. I was genetically engineered for improv comedy. Currently, I teach improv with SirenSong Productions, and have taught improv to children ages 8-16 at Creative Arts Music Performance (CAMP). Currently, I perform with Talon at the Queen's Secret Improv Club, Ima...
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Samantha Jane Gurewitz

I've been doing improv since 2005 and studied under the most amazing teachers like Armando Diaz, Chris Gethard, Christina Gausas, Joe Wengert, Anthony King, Charlie Todd and Michael Delaney. I was on the Magnet house team Harlequin and in Billy Merritt's awesome UCB show The Ninja. I've been in t...
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Mehdi Barakchian

MehdI currently teaches for the PIT and coaches for the 10,000 hours program. You can catch him performing weekly with PIT house team HOLIDAY. He was born in New York City and currently lives in New Jersey — and doesn’t care for your opinion on the matter. He has studied sketch and improv at The ...
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Natalia Plaza

- Was rejected by Story Pirates. - Won 3rd place in the 2015 NBC/UCBT Diversity Showcase Scholarship - Came to the UCBT in 2011. - Began coaching in September 2013 for a mash up practice group and then coached Leisure Class for the good part of 6 months. She coached Squalor until Nick F...
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Jon Hess

I've been taking IMPROV classes at the theatre since 2012 (but like really early 2012) with Anthony Atamanuik, Abra Tabak, John Frusciante, Shannon O'Neill, and Lydia Hensler (101-ASH, respectively), along with workshops taught by Billy Merritt, Alex Berg, Will Hines, Mel Cowan, and a host of oth...
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Pedro Alcocer

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Siobhan Thompson

Hey friends! I, Siobhan Thompson, would like to coach your improv and/or sketch team and/or life??? Here's some cool stuff about me. I've been on a Maude team at UCB for three years, two as an actor and one as an actor/writer, and I've taken a bunch of improv classes. I'm also a working SAG actor...
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Ray Cordova

Ray Cordova is a current member of the UCB house team Astronomy Club, which performs regularly on Lloyd Night in addition to hosting a monthly diversity jam. Ray began taking classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade in 2009. Since then he has had the privilege of studying with, Betsy Stover, Er...
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Jonathan Marballi

Unfortunately I'm temporarily relocating to Los Angeles for several months so have no availability to coach. I'll update this when I return. Thanks! -Jon BIO Jon is currently a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade on the house sketch team Beige and the house improv team Hotspur. H...
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Brian Frange

I've been studying improv at UCB and The Magnet since 2006. I currently perform on the Magnet House Team The Music Industry which is my 5th house team at that theater. My improv coaching philosophy is stretch yourself and work hard in rehearsals. If you want to get better you have to practice ...
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