John Sartori

John is a writer, actor, stand up, and guy from New York. He is super pumped to be a writer for the Maude team, Goodbye Handsome, and can be seen performing in the sketch show, That's Bullshit!, currently running at UCB Chelsea. You can check out his other sketch stylings with the group Traynor +...
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Kaileigh McCrea

I have been improvising and writing/acting in sketches since 2010 at UC Berkeley with The Peoples Republic of Improv and The Tinker Show. I've been taking classes at Upright Citizens Brigade since 2011 and I have studied at the Annoyance training center (NY), and the Magnet's musical improv progr...
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Ruby Marez

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Timmy Wood

Hi! I will coach your team. I have studying at UCB for a good long while (2010!) and I am currently on UCBTourco and the Lloyd Team This Old House. I'm interested in coaching your improv team, practice group or soccer game.
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Tom Meyer

I am an advanced study improv and sketch student at UCB. I've been doing improv since 2010 and have studied under the likes of Shannon O'Neill, Eric Tanouye, Ben Rameaka, blah blah blah blah blah. I've been a member of several indie teams including Contagious, Mom, and Six Teet Demon. I produce a...
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Brian Fithian

Hey! I've been taking classes at UCB since 2010, with teachers Will Hines, Eric Tanouye, Shannon O’Neil (twice!), Chelsea Clarke (twice!), Porter Mason (also twice!), Brandon Gardener, Betsy Stover, and Lydia Hensler. From May 2013 to April 2015 I was on the UCB East Lloyd/Harold team Apoll...
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Ramona Pula

I specialize in coaching beginning improvisers, with a focus on “Yes And” and ensemble building. Any fear you might be experiencing as a beginning improviser can be banished by finding trust in your fellow performers, and in yourself. Whether you’re preparing for your first class show, or exp...
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Will Stephen

HELLO I'm on UCB Harold team Some Kid (previously Lloyd team Buchanan) and indie improv/sketch team RICHARD. I've studied at UCB, the Magnet, and the DC Improv. I would like to help you play pretend with other adults better. Cool? Cool.
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Maggie Morris

Hi gang, I hope you like high energy rehearsals because that's how I roll. I aim for honest and grounded work that leads to fun and rewarding scenes. I coach longform and musical improv. I'm Maggie Morris and I've been studying and performing improv in NYC since 2005. I started at UCB, taki...
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Jarrod Bates

I want to take what you're doing and shake it up with compassionate recklessness. We'll let go of rigid structure and explore things like impulsiveness, character, physical awareness, commitment, and other nonsense with the energy of an aerobic workout! From Meisner and clown training, to UCB,...
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