Morgan Phillips

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I've coached hundreds of teams over the last decade plus, including house teams from the UCB, Magnet and PIT. Was a teacher at UCB, pre-pandemic, and recently started teaching there again.

I love working on existing structures (Harold, Monoscene, Spokane, etc.), and/or helping groups develop their own original forms. Excited to coach you online, and hopefully in person again soon! (Got my second Pfizer shot on 3/17.)

I've been studying and performing improv since 1994, and have a B.A. in Theatre Studies. I was on 4 Harold Teams at UCB: Dr. Snake, Ice Cold Bev, At Last! and Days Of Thunder.

[NOTE: Hoping to start coaching again soon, but only have time for my UCB classes at the moment, thanks to a 9-5 job and a two year-old baby.]

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

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