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Are fear and resentment holding back your improv? Are you confused and frustrated by generic rules and half-hearted coaching? I overcame these problems and played on two long-running show at UCB: Monkeydick and Instant Cinema. Let me show you how I did it and save you years of trial-and-error

Anyone can do improv. All it takes is being comfortable in your own skin, finding your strengths, and embracing your role on a team. I have been on good teams and bad teams and I know how both of them work.

"DeCoster is a truly unique improviser who will help you get your improv to places it has never been before." - Nate Dern, Artistic Director, Upright Citizens Brigade

"Matt Decoster is a great improvisor, a great man, and I believe he knows how to trapeze. So what are you waiting for." - Bobby Moynihan, SNL

"Mr. DeCoster brings remarkable intelligence, intensity, and honesty to each of his performances. He knows improvisation inside and out. He will teach you so much that you should probably be paying him more." - Eliott Kalan, producer The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

"Matt Decoster is a gifted and inspired comedic performer and a dear friend. Any student interested in comedy should leap at the chance to have Matt as a teacher." - Mitch Magee, Funny or Die

"Matt has the thousand-yard stare of a hardened comedy veteran, and I am grateful for his service." - Brian Fountain, former House Team member at UCB

"Matt DeCoster: hero, legend, Scholar. Take his coaching or die un-enlightened." - Kurt Braunohler, Neutrino, Hot Tub with Kristin Schaal

"Matt DeCoster is not only the best in the biz. He's also the funniest. Can't recommend him enough to anyone interested in honing their improv comedy skills." - Mo Fathelbab

"I have know Matt to be of sound mind and soul and would be a great improv coach!" - Jesse Falcon, Mother, Disney, Marvel Comics

" I always love watching DeCoster perform--he's like the loaded gun onstage that you can barely wait to see to go off before the end of the show. And if you're performing with him its just as dangerous and infinitely more fun. He's also a cool guy." - Sarah Burns, Former UCB House performer, "I Love You, Man", "Enough Said", "Flight of the Conchords"

"Matt DeCoster knows his shizznit like a baby knows his mama's teetons. #truth" - Violet Krumbein, Former UCB House Team Performer, "Delocated", "30 Rock"

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