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Hi! I'm Amanda Stafford, my pronouns are she/her/they, and I'd love to work with your team to bring out your best work!

Right at the top: all attendees of a coaching session must be fully vaccinated and well; no exceptions. :)

I've been studying and creating improv and sketch comedy professionally since 2011, and have an arsenal of training and experience behind me: the PIT (house team member for two seasons), UCB, Magnet, The Humor Mill Orlando, RSVP (indie team), and The Armory.

I was recognized in Zach Broussard's list of The Top 1000 Comedians of 2017 and 2018, and have performed on stages up and down the east coast.

As an improv coach, I LOVE to help teams find their voice and quickly establish or discover the who/what/where so that they can spend more time exploring the relationship, discovering desires and patterns, and finding the funny thing. I have experience with various Harolds, La Ronde, Spokane, Twoprov, Armando, Deconstruction, Montage, Monoscene, Lotus/Onion, group games to name a few, in addition to short form games and musical improv. My background as a theatre artist has also established for a me a deep love of physical theatre, so I encourage teams to make bold physical choices, follow organic impulses, create big characters, and hone object work to flesh out the world.

I also have experience performing on and coaching all-women teams, so I am sensitive to and supportive of bolstering women's and enbieā€™s voices and choices in comedy!

There is no greater joy for me than watching a team grow and gel by repeatedly sharpening their skills and trusting each other. So if you are looking for a supportive coach with attention to detail who will celebrate your victories and offer constructive advice, that's me!

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