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My favorite thing about improv is that it enables performers to act as an editor, writer, and director all at once. However, sometimes it can be difficult to do all of those things at once (which is totally fair, because that's a lot of stuff!).

As a coach, I want to help you break down improv into more digestible bites. I can help you work on starting scenes with strong premises, developing richer relationships in scenes, grounding scenes in reality, justifications, recognizing game, openings, forms of all kinds, or whatever it is that you need! I want to help you with whatever it is that you want to work on! I'm happy to work with practice groups, indie teams, a sentient squid, whatever!

I've been studying at UCB for about 3 (going on 4) years now and am currently enrolled in UCB's Advanced Study Program. Some of the teachers/coaches I have worked with include; Patrick Clair, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Patrick Noth, Nicole Drespel, Casey Jost, John Timothy, Jacob Davis, Chris Griswold, and Keisha Zollar.

I've also worked alongside the Tony Award winning actor Dan Fogler (I was an assistant stage manager for him and I operated a fog machine, but please just let me brag about this!), and was once an extra on Billy on the Street in a scene that was never aired!

I'm currently a performer on the Armory - Tank Improv House Team King Crab and have been since September 2016. You can come check out shows (see links below) where I can often be found performing most Friday nights at 9:30pm! I also perform with my indie three-prov team Lady Motorcycle Club whenever I can.

My Current Rate is $20/Hour

Just be sure to let me know where you're planning on practicing an hour prior to our ~meeting~

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at all!

Excited to work with you!*

*Especially if you do happen to be a sentient squid because wow, wow, wow that is nuts and I am very impressed and curious about your interest in improvisational comedy. Expect MANY questions to be asked.

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