Alex Cheng

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Hi! I'm Alex, I'm on a house team at UCB, and I'd love to coach you and the squad.

If you've seen a young Asian guy on stage in a good improv show, that was me. If you've seen a young Asian guy on stage in a bad improv show, that was Steven Yeun. (jk love my guy Steven to the moon and back.) What I'm trying to say is, I'm doing my best to do good improv, and I wanna help your team do great improv.

My experience: I'm on the lovely UCB house Lloyd team Buckets!, and I'm a member of BABES, the indie team critics are buzzing about. I've also been a part of Armory house team Public Access and Washington Improv Theater house team Tiovivo. I've trained at UCB in NY and BATS in San Francisco. You can be confident that when I walk into an improv practice, I won't get confused and go, "Wait, this is all made up?"

What I like to coach: whatever you want to do! Let's hit premise hard and fast! Let's play slow with deep emotional honesty! Let's reinforce those sweet sweet game fundamentals! Let's get down and dirty with the Harold or Spokane or Monoscene or Slacker or Close Quarters or La Ronde or whatever! We could even dip our toes into narrative improv if that suits your fancy (my college group did longform narrative shows and it'd be fun to bring some of that energy to NY).

Get at me – my availability changes often, so even if it doesn't look like I'm free on my calendar during your practice time, drop me a line and let's see what we can do!

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

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