Ben Stanton

Hi my name is Ben Stanton and I want to coach your improv! You may know me from my Lloyd team "Havoc", or my last two Lloyd teams, "Blush,” and “Hotel Hotel.” I love working on improv and luckily know lots about it! During our practices together I will clearly communicate with you about your p...
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Bridgette Rizkalla

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Jessica Henderson

Hey Gang! I am excited to explore the magic of Improv and Comedy with you! I know, cue rolling eyes. I want to explore what it means to do improv intuitively. How do we create truly compelling stories on stage? How do we create a new form that best serves the team? I can help! I have taught work...
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Jon Dimakopoulos

I’ve been taking classes at UCB since 2011 and I’ve been teching Harold Night/ASSSSCAT for 2+ years now so I’ve seen shows! I LOVE focusing on simply having FUN in improv, always agreeing with your scene partner in many ways other than just verbally, and making the unique thing about you pop. ...
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Rachel Chada

Hey! What’s up? Hello! TLDR: If your team is interested in... - Finding a form that works for you - Pushing yourselves to make bigger, bolder choices - Building stronger team dynamics - Adding a lil theatricality to your sets - Eating snacks ...I’m your gal! I’ve been studying...
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Morgan Phillips

(Bio below the bracketed plug) [Next private improv workshop, Saturday 11/3, is on organic scenework. No more meandering scenes or forced unusual things! Find unique games quickly and effortlessly, and crush your next show or audition. $30 each, no more than 12 people. Email me at morgan...
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Maritza Montañez

Hi hi! I perform and teach at the UCB Theatre and Training Center. I currently improvise with Party City on Harold Night, Living Room: The First Generation, and 50/Cincuenta. I previously improvised with Lloyd teams seventeen and The Nightmare, hosted Kaleidoscope, and performed with UCB ASPs ...
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Kelsey Bailey

I'm Kelsey. I want to unleash your love of improv and impress you with my knowledge of all things Meryl Streep. I've been honing my improv skills at UCB since 2012. I am a member of the Harold team Fluffty and former house teams Sleuth and Brash Teen. I co-produce and perform in Here & Queer, ...
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Maggie Goodman

Maggie Goodman is a Chicago-trained improviser, writer, producer, and actor with 5 years of coaching experience in LONG and SHORT FORM, MUSICAL IMPROV, and SKETCH. She is a graduate of iO/Second City/Annoyance with experience at UCB and as a former member of The Second City House Ensemble. Her...
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Connor Ratliff

I'm a member of The Stepfathers, and you can see me performing in ASSSSCAT on Sunday nights at UCB Chelsea. Also, I play the role of "Connor," an improv student, in Mike Birbiglia's Don't Think Twice. If any available times open up, I will update my schedule to reflect that. But if you don...
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