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Hello! My name is Leah Evans. Chances are if you've been performing in the city, or are a new team looking for stage time, you've been on one of my shows. If not, here's a quick introductory course:

I've performed at many NYC venues including PIT (mainstage and underground), PIT Loft, Magnet, UCB, UCBeast, The Tank (I'm the founder of their improv house team program THE ARMORY as well as produce a 24 hour comedy festival there by myself), Creek and Cave, and many more. I'm also the Artistic Associate at The PIT.

Here is a short(ish) sampling of the shows/teams you may have seen me in...
- The Internet Disagrees (Founder/Captain)
- Founder/Head of The Tank Improv House Team program
- Founder of NYC Improv/Standup/Sketch Resource
- The Panel (Tank House Tea
- Gender Is Dead (creator/actor)
- The Boozeroom (duo)
- Heart/Mind (duo)
- Human (improvised drama)
- Yes, Please! (All lady improv team)
- The Six Hour Monoscene
- Busted: Improvised Ghostbusters Next Gen (Maggie Spengler)

My focus as a coach is finding team dynamic/marketability (you want to talk how to book/produce I'm your gal), finding a team's voice, technically clean sets (whether with edits or where to find the weird thing or callback), sincerity, connecting with your scene partner, game, character relationship, building a world, subtext as well as 'getting to the point', and justification. I love working with teams who genuinely enjoy each other. If you think this is the case with your team we would be a great match!

I have experience with Montages, Spokanes, Monoscenes, Harolds, LaRondes, and really anything and everything in between. Lets find what works for you.. Or do them all! If it's not listed here - Just ask! If I don't know it I can point you in the direction of someone who does! Or heck.. Lets make a whole new form! I LOVE doing that.

If you're 'cool' with side coaching - Awesome! I love it. If not? Let me know. I'm more than willing/able to cater to what a team wants. In fact I prefer a discussion before a session so I know exactly what your team wants and so I can help you get there!

Availability is totally flexible - Lets not be limited to what I have listed. Rates are totally negotiable pending on team size. Lets talk it out!

If you want a coach who is excited about where your team could go, or who freaks out in happy bursts of joy when someone knocks something out of the park (no matter how simple/taken for granted), or who celebrates a team and not the payment at the end of a session.. I'm your gal!


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