Stacey Kulow

Hi! I'm Stacey! I'm a sketch writer/director at UCB Theatere, and I'd love to help you with anything from coaching/directing your sketch group, directing your Spanks, reading Maude packets, or just lookin' over a thing or two. Who am I though? Good question. I currently on my 4th season wri...
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A.J. Patton

Hi! My name is AJ and I want to coach your improv team! I have been performing at UCB since 2011. I am currently a member of the UCB Touring Company and can be seen on Lloyd night with my team Doing Hugs (formerly with Lloyd team Zaddy) or performing around NYC with indie improv teams Free Kitt...
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Brandon Zelman

Love discovering sweet team dynamics! Love developing crazy forms! Love finding those sweet, clear games! Teams: UCB Lloyd Team, Promises (Multi-Time UCBW Cage Match Winners) Brief Dragon (Hosts of Indie Cage Match) The Trial ASP Improvised Gilmore Girls Doorman Big Kitten Hamford Se...
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Alexandra (Alex) Dickson

I am an improv teacher at UCB (have taught all levels) and perform with The Stepfathers (formerly on the Harold Team The Enemy and the Lloyd Team Detroit). I also improvise with Improvised Seinfeld and Strife. I try to keep the schedule on here updated weekly, so keep checking! I studied actin...
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Dave Murray

Hey, I'm Dave Murray! I’m a teacher at UCB and a performer on the Lloyd Team Havoc! I’ve been studying improv since 2011, have been on a couple of house teams, and I want to coach you! I like working on game, team stuff, and genre, and I’m happy to run some Harolds if you wanna do that!
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Naomi Pitt

Hey there, I'm Naomi, and I would love to coach your improv or sketch team! I improvise regularly with my indie teams Ghost Clique and Desert Rabbit & perform sketch with my house team at The Tank. I am also a writer for Remix - The Magnet Theater's diversity sketch lab. I am in the Advance...
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Tarik Davis

I've been performing improv for 20 years. In 2018 I joined the PIT's longest running improv team The Baldwins and have been part of the monthly Comedy People's Time since 2015. I was on two Harold teams at UCB My Kickass Van and Gigawatt. I worked at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam and also for The Se...
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Sylvie Wang

Hi, I'm Sylvie and I'd love to coach your team! I've been doing improv since the 1800s and as you can tell from my headshot, I am a pale and ancient vampire. Some of my more recent teachers at UCB Training Center have been Abra Tabak, Anthony Atamanuik, Shaun Diston, Nicole Drespel, Keisha Zollar...
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Ginny Sanborn

Hi guys! I'm Ginny and I'd love to coach your improv team! You can catch me on UCB's Lloyd Night with my team, Fight Clurb. I've also been in the ASPs The Feed, Tag City, Hallowed Halls, and can be seen boppin' around stages in NYC with my longtime indie team, Lady Jay. I've studied improv...
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Emmy Montgomery

Hey Y'all, I'm Emmy- I love all things improv and have a passion for comedy! I've been studying improv at UCB since 2016. I am currently in UCB's Academy and Magnet's Conservatory. I perform around NYC with my indie teams Tusk, Sunday Sundae, and Monty Spurz (2prov). I love working on dy...
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