Mike Poole

Hey, I'm Mike Poole and I'd love to coach your improv team! I'm currently on the UCB Harold team Ice Cold Bev and was formerly on Lloyd team "Statham". I'm also on indie teams "My Momma’s Biscuits", “No Chill”, "Improvised Gilmore Girls" and occasionally do two-prov with James III I also do a ...
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Jake Cornell

Hi! I'm Jake, I’m a house team performer at UCB and I’d love to coach your team or practice group! I perform at UCB East with my Lloyd team, Promises. My indie team, Funky Hard Beats, performs around New York and went on a CageMatch run last year. I was a part of The Trial ASP and am an acti...
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Otter Lee

Hi, I'm Otter, and I'd love to coach your long form improv comedy troupe! I have plenty of exercises and warm ups up my sleeve, but I consider running sets and booking shows to be the best way for a team to bond and improve. I'm happy to advise any group on booking shows and I'll even show up...
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Brett Shollenberger

I've performed and coached improv and sketch since 2004 at theatres like UCB, the PIT, Endgames, and Improv Asylum. I created and performed in Drunk Theatre, the web series Pretty Funny, and the sketch show If You're Awkward And You Know It, What Do You Do With Your Hands?, and I performed on ...
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Shem Pennant

Hello. I am writer/performer from South London but based in Brooklyn. I'm also a capoeira professor, video director and trained bujinkan ninjutsu in the Japanese mountains for two years. None of this is relevant to scenework, but it is fun to talk about. I've done a lot of improv all over the wor...
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Lynae DePriest

My performance life started in theatre, which I still also study and perform today. I received my B.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. That's also where I started doing a lot of sketch and improv. I started studying at UCB in 2014 and have taken ...
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Amir Khan

What up freaks? I'm on the UCB Lloyd team "Promises" where we like to have fun. I've taken a bunch of classes! And guess what? Here's my list of teachers: John Timothy, Chelsea Clarke, Achilles Stamatelaky, Joey Price, Patrick Noth, Doug Moe, Corey Brown, Zack Willis, Molly Lloyd, Michael Del...
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Shane Nielsen

Hello! I would love to coach your team/practice group! I'm currently on the UCBT Lloyd team, The Outlaw. Past/present indie teams include: Gym Crush, I Love Juicy, and Muffy. Thanks for reading this and have a great day.
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Sarah Smallwood Parsons

You can see me every month in Characters Welcome at UCB Theater East Village or in my solo show The Many Lives Of Mickey at UCB Theater Hells Kitchen. I've been a writer/actor at, Head Writer of, and I created and starred in the web series FUCKING and Personal B...
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Caroline Martin

CAROLINE MARTIN is an improviser, writer, and lover of cheese. She performs improv with the Curfew on Saturday nights at UCB Theater New York and Astronomy Club on Monday Nights at UCB Theater East Village. She's a 2017 Comedy Central Comic to Watch for sketch. Previously she performed improv on...
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