Rosie Whalen

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Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Rosie and I am so excited to meet and coach your team!

I'm on the UCB house team "Big Time". Maybe you've seen us? That's okay if you haven't, just had to name drop!

Improv is a spiritual and sacred experience for me but lets talk about you and that team of yours.

I will help to create an environment for your team that is fun and low risk. To me, finding the game in a scene can be HARD, but practicing improv should (obviously) be FUN... My personal philosophy is that improv should be about hangin' with your friends. So I will do my best to coach you in a way that helps you grow as an improviser/performer, but by keeping it LIGHT-N-FRESH. Yanno what I mean? Contact me if you do. Lets be friends.

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

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  • House Team

Magnet Theater

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  • House Team

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