Jeff Howe

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I'm Jeff and I'm glad you're checking out my page as a potential coach. You may have seen me around performing as part of the teams Denise! and Distance or co-hosting A Case of The Mondays, Improv Against Humanity, Monday Night Marathon, and HAROLD NIGHT AT THE CREEK.

I generally adhere to the UCB style of play, and have studied at UCB (where I am an advanced level student in both improv and sketch), Magnet and Annoyance Theaters. Some teachers I've taken classes with or studied long term with include Patrick Noth, Keisha Zollar, Chelsea Clarke, Kate Zelensky, Don Fanelli, Shaun Diston, Gavin Speiller, Achilles Stamatelaky, Amey Goerlich, Megan Gray, Michael Delaney and Christina Gausas. I've taken workshops with tons of others (and recommend it). I've also participated in indie groups like Instant Teams at the Reckless Theatre and Supernova.

Three things that are important to me when coaching are 1) Finding game, 2) staying committed, and 3) If this is true, what else is true? I think practices/rehearsals should be fun, but should also have the goal of making you better a a team and improvisers. Also, I LOVE PATTERN GAME.

I've also studied sketch at UCB with Frank Garcia-Hejl, Kerry McGuire and Georgie Aldaco, and at Magnet with Armando Diaz and Chet Siegel.

*Please note that while I am wearing a collared shirt in my picture, you will likely only ever see me in a black t-shirt.

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