Adam Pasulka

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I recently spent 8 months touring with the Second City on cruise ships, where I performed 200+ improv and sketch shows and ran workshops for drunk, sunburnt passengers. I've taken tons of classes at UCB, I'm on the Magnet house team Scout and I also co-host the Wednesday Magnet Mixer.

My strengths include:

• Identifying & playing the fun / unusual thing (Game)
• Grounding scenes (Base Reality & Justifying)
• Emotional commitment (Top of Your Intelligence)
• Embracing your inner Genius, Poet & Artist (Del Close-isms)

I've studied under:

Rob Riggle, Curtis Gwinn, Shannon O'Neill, Neil Casey, Joe Bill, Armando Diaz, Josh Patten, the Hines brothers, Anthony Atamanuik, Michael Delaney, Laura Grey, Jordan Klepper, Louis Kornfeld and many more.

* Available for Skype coaching.
** Looking to join an existing indie team or practice group? Contact me!

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

  • Student
  • Peformer


  • Peformer

Magnet Theater

  • Peformer
  • House Team

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